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Chrystal Mariah Ball

“I gave birth to my sweet little girl, Chrystal Mariah Ball…15 weeks early…had my first contraction at 12:00 midnight, and at 12:18 Chrystal was here. I gave birth to her in her sac and all with my husband and a few really scared nurses, no doctor (my contractions were not showing up on the monitor, so I don’t think they believed I was in labor). They didn’t know that she was here till my husband started yelling, ‘Hey, is that the baby?!’ So the nurse picked her up, sac and all, and that is when Kerry walked in and said, ‘OMG, you have to open the sac!’ So she did, and that’s when I seen my baby girl take her first breath…I thank God for you everyday, Kerry. You’re an awesome nurse, and I would hate to think what could of happened if you were not there. We love you!”


Tina was an amazing support at my birth! She talked with me and encouraged me during contractions…the distraction allowed me to relax, which was wonderful.  She was great in ensuring that my other children were included in welcoming their new baby brother into the family, especially right after the birth when I was unable to give them all of my attention.  My birth experience was intimate, rewarding, and fulfilling.